Where and when is your supply chain vulnerable? It may not even be on your radar. In complex supply chains that span time zones and many different cultures many of the business case justifications for sourcing decisions do not fully consider the supply chain risks.

Understanding Supply Chain Risks

Managing Risk

Supply Chain risks are an increasingly important consideration for senior executives when planning strategy. From product and service performance to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues it is essential to understand your extended supply chain and consider supply chain risk as a Governance issue.

Supply Chain Forensics

Spend analysis provides a key insight into how an organisation performs and behaves. We have undertaken spend analysis in organisation with up to £1 billion of spend as the basis for developing a category management approach and to consider the most appropriate strategy to manage individual categories and relationships with key contractors and suppliers.

Due Diligence

What are the risks and threats your supply chain faces? There will be many risks out there not previously considered. We can identify, quantify and qualify technical, commercial, logistical and market place risks and develop mitigations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

M&A has the potential to create duplication or opportunities for consolidation. We can provide a before and after supply chain perspective on Mergers and Acquisitions identifying synergies, risks and opportunities for improvements.