Where and when is your supply chain vulnerable? It may not even be on your radar. In complex supply chains that span time zones and many different cultures many of the business case justifications for sourcing decisions do not fully consider the supply chain risks.

Benchmarking and Performance Management

Performance Toolbox

We have developed a toolbox approach to supply chain performance management.  This means we can define a baseline and track progress and improvements in our projects.

Supply Chain Audit

Our audit approach provides the basis to benchmark seven key areas from strategy to metrics.  This reflects a best practice end to end approach but also our own observations and experiences of working with top businesses and organisation over the last 20 years. The Supply Chain Audit includes both hard (process) and soft (organisational) issues that are benchmarked.


We have collected data from over 200 major international purchasing organisations.  This provides terms of reference for all our projects and helps us make well informed comments about our various projects in terms of key facts and figures and ratios between different organisations and sectors.

Contract Management

We provide benchmarking and contract management support for each stage of the contract management lifecycle. This approach allows businesses to manage risk and performance better and drive improvements across the supply chain.

Project Scorecards

For every project we agree and define deliverables. These become the basis of a project scorecard which we use to track progress and ensure that all issues are fully addressedThe scorecard then has application within the business beyond the life of the consultancy project.