High Impact Consulting

  • SCMG deliver high impact consulting. We consider your business model, supply chain architecture, relationships and infrastructure to ensure your strategy, processes and people and supply chain are fully aligned.

SCMG has built long term sustainable relationships with many key clients in some cases for over 10 years.


Since 2011 we have gathered over 500 datasets from over 300 discrete companies making the survey one of the most comprehensive of its kind.

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Contract Management Benchmarking 2020

Welcome to SCMG

We have over 20 years experience of working with blue chip and small to medium enterprises in supply chain, procurement and logistics projects. Our experience and worldwide footprint includes many different sectors from automotive to the public sector.

We provide strategic advice and tactical support on end to end supply chain projects.  Our highly experienced team can quickly identify issues, formulate strategies and deliver sustainable improvements and benefits to your business.

Our methodology is underpinned by processes and tools that consider hard (process) and soft (cultural) issues  in equal measure and ensure sustainable improvement. These tools provide best practice terms of reference for our projects and provide clients with a perspective and reassurance to set realistic and achievable improvement targets.

End to End Supply Chain

An end to end, E2E, supply chain approach is the key to business success.

Collaboration is the competitive advantage in today's business ecosystems where best practice organisations focus on Process, Organisation and Technology issues within their own business and across the supply chain.

Identifying and managing that network of partners, customers and suppliers is the new frontier for businesses to manage risk and add value quicker than other competitors.



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