SCMG has experience working with clients in a variety of sectors. Click on the links above to see a sample of the clients we have worked with in each sector.


We have experience of working with clients in the following sectors: Aerospace and Defence, Manufacturing, Construction, Food and Drink, FMCG, Pharmaceuticals, Health, Oil and Gas, Chemicals and Refining, Universities and Higher Education, Transport and Rail, Financial, Utilities and a wide range of Non Departmental Public Bodies, local government and economic development agencies.

Private Sector Contracts

We have experience and skills of both inbound and outbound supply issues including identifying, evaluating sourcing and selecting suppliers and developing collaborative relationships with key suppliers and customers.  This includes managing supply chain interfaces and developing strategic alliances and JVs.  In outbound terms we have been involved in order fulfilment, distribution optimisation and reverse logistics as well as working capital management and total cost reduction programmes from both a procurement and logistics perspective.

Public Sector Contracts

We have been at the forefront of applying supply chain management techniques in a public sector context and have extensive experience of public sector tendering requirements, developing strategies, organisational development and skills transfer as well as the development and support of on line tendering prequalification tools and scoring systems.