Our projects include both strategy and delivery.  This makes strategy real and not an abstract process and provides a practical view on what can be realistically delivered in the most sustainable manner.

SCMG Consultancy

We provide strategic advice and tactical support. We can work with you to quickly identify key risk and value issues, consider solutions and identify a clear way forward. We have a no nonsense approach to strategy development that considers downstream relationships with customers as the key driver for internal improvement and managing and aligning upstream suppliers and partners as an integral part adding value across the supply chain.

Strategy Development

Strategy development considers your business model and relationship with customers and suppliers as the defining characteristics of your supply chain. This portfolio of relationships with customers and suppliers will in turn define the overall competitiveness of your business and supply chain.

Your supply chain architecture must be supported by appropriate infrastructure to support your business and provide better management information to make better informed management decisions.

Tactical Support and Implementation

We have worked with many leading organisations on strategy implementation projects. This includes,

  • Process re-engineering,
  • Spend analysis,
  • Strategic sourcing,
  • Cluster mapping,
  • Procurement benchmarking,
  • eProcurement,
  • Category management,
  • Tendering,
  • Vendor selection and management,
  • Supplier reduction programmes,
  • Working capital management,
  • Supplier development programmes,
  • Engaging suppliers and customers in performance improvement and cost reduction programmes,
  • Inventory reduction,
  • Contract Management,
  • Partnering and alliancing,
  • Distribution network optimisation,
  • Sales & operations planning.