Most organisations fail to realise stated ROI on technology or IT solutions, however, by aligning Process and Organisation with Technology step changes in performance are possible.

SCMG Solutions

End to End Supply Chain

We work with a number of technology partners and have experience of identifying, implementing and improving enterprise wide and specific applications in many corporate and SME organisations.  Our experience in the sourcing, procurement, collaborative design and manufacturing, forecasting and planning and inventory management space.  The majority of our projects are conducted in ERP environments typically SAP or Oracle.

Supply chain integration irrespective of location will only increase and accelerate.  Businesses that implement and manage their technology investment to support key processes and engage their people in fully utilising and sharing the information provided to make more informed decisions will improve performance and reduce cost.


We can identify and evaluate the most appropriate technology solution for your business and create the business case for investment.


On time and budget implementation are key from process definition, system specification and an end user engagement perspective.  We have successfully implemented systems in a number of different organisations.


Organisations will typically utilise about 10% of the potential of their IT solutions through poor awareness, lack of training and engagement by end users still working in silos as opposed to considering a process oriented perspective and using the information provided to make more informed decisions.