With over 20 years experience we have been at the forefront of developing SCM as a business philosophy. Organisations are now much more aware of how they identify, select and manage relationships with partners, customers and suppliers.

Vision and Values


We have defined a vision for our business and values that are the basis of how we work. These are consistent with our clients' aspirations and provide the basic terms of reference for how we engage with clients and behave as consultants.  

Our vision is,

  1. To become the leading supply chain consultancy company that delivers the best solutions for our clients,
  2. We maximise opportunities and benefit for our clients,
  3. We participate in the global economy and create opportunities that are challenging and rewarding,
  4. We challenge every aspect of our own and clients' business.
  5. This Vision is being realised by our team working together to ensure that we develop and grow with our clients by adopting best practices and challenging every aspect of what we do as a business and the service we provide.


We have defined core values which we believe are the basic minimum requirements any client should have of us to be,

  • Reliable,
  • Diligent,
  • Aware.
  • Trustworthy,
  • Open and Honest.