Key drivers for the public sector include a major realignment of spending and resources in difficult economic times.  This generational change means that public sector business must be compliant, more transparent and accountable in every aspect of their business dealings.  At the same time it is important to recognise and understand the significance of public spending and activity as part of any political or economic solution.  Public spending can account for over 50% of regional spend.

Some of our Public Sector Clients include:

Public money should be spent properly and EU Public Procurement Regulations have made a significant impact over the last 10 years on accountability and value for money from public procurement.  The increasing awareness of the regulations is now being seen and adapted to ensure that SME businesses are now fully and fairly considered as possible suppliers for large and small public contracts.  We have provided consultancy and training to UK Central Government departments, The Scottish Government, Local Authorities and Non Departmental Public Bodies and Registered Social Landlords.

We have managed over 100 OJEU public tenders for Goods, Works and Services and provide support and training for suppliers utilising our portal and training site.